You cannot be succesful without efficient advert ! 

 Why to advertise with RCL ?  Because it is very efficient ! 


It is effective and valuable

  • Our audience is more than 100 thousand people a week ! Our listeners usually listen to our radio for more than 4 hours a day, so that they are familiar with our scheme and they also understand to our messages.
  • Our advertising is efficient because the broadcasting is very popular and  our audience is faithful.
  • RCL has built a trustful image in the region
  • Our advertisement is  of a great value, so that you can widespread your message to a large number of people in the region - in comparison with other medias. 


It is efficient and persuasive

  • Your advertisment is everywhere with our listeners, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.....
  • Due to our coverage and high quality signal, we became popular companion for our listeners
  • Not only our listeners enjoy the mix of music but also they like the  way we provide them with the local information and news.


Our advertisement brings advantages  

  • High rate of audiability, sincere audience, wide range of listeners (20 - 60 years)  - it all makes a great effect in advertising !
  • The effectivity of our service is wide known and endured by our customers 
  • Our customers cooperate with us all year long to stay in touch with their customers or they use our service for measure made current actions in order to draw attention to specific information.
  • A perfect coverage with high quality signal at the only freqence FM 101,4 leads to information spread in a large area.
  • Based on the needs - a profesional team of our ad specialists put a great effort to do the best for our client.
  • RCL has a dominant position in the ad market in this region, because we became the first independent broadcasting in 1991.
  • Since then, RCL is considered to be "a home radio". We have still this dominant position in this area. This is an advantage, that we can offer to our clients.


Use advantages of RCL in order to support the marketing and boost your business. 

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Make Your commercial efficient for a great value on  FM 101,4.