Our advertisement increase Your profit ! 

Firstly, we analyze our client´s needs and the current situation in the market. Secondly, we suggest a measure made product for our client to meet the expectation.


1. Advertisment spots:

  • The messages are published regularly during the ad blocks
    the basic footage is 30sec, but we can also offer 10 or 20sec footage.
  • The proved rotation is 5-8 spots a day between 6 am and 7 pm, for 10 days
  • The production of spots is in our profesional studios

2. Special offers:
If you want to differ from others, use a presentation out of advertisement times. It makes Your offer even more memorable and efficient.

  • Sponzoring of our Programmes: Time, The weather forecast, Traffic information, Seasonal information, The day song, Cultural information, Sport and result information etc.
  • Commercial Quizes: knowledge, SMS etc.  It can be added by advertisement
  • Outdoor competitions  - It connects outdoor presentation in the streets of different towns in the region with online talks in the studio. Life broadcasting from different places is provided by our car nicknamed "Tykadlo RCL" 
  • Commercial speaches: A large presentation of different topics, mentioning the sponsors
  • Partnership : We provide a partnership by prestigious social, cultural or sport events in the region 
  • Other : an individual offer targeted to our client´s needs

If you want to use advantages of our efficient advertisement, contact us via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or the phone 485 121 757


ADVERTISE  with us ! Efficiently and for a great value ! FM 101,4